Painting of the Week: "Across the Room"


Across the Room

 “Across the Room” is about connection. It’s a painting about passion.


     Passion takes on many forms in our lives, and flows through us in various ways. It can manifest as a drive or sense of purpose for a cause that we take up or a career or creative path that we feel pulled toward. It can come through us as a general vivacity for life and ability to greet each new day or moment with a heightened awareness and presence. Or, passion can come to us in our love and our lust for one another. It can take hold of us and toss us into rapturous romances & transcendent affairs with another magnificent man or woman, intertwining us completely with another universe of being.

     Connection, on the other hand, acts as a catalyst for passion. It is that tiny jolt of electricity, that strange sense of hazy familiarity, or that seemingly out of nowhere feeling of knowing that something or someone is about to take on great meaning in your life. It is a mysterious happenstance, and often alters our path greatly if we have the awareness to feel it, and the audacity to honor it, explore it and see it though.

     With its deep crimson body, hints of green and glowing pink, purple & melon hues, “Across the Room” is meant to embody the rush of emotion and empowerment that passion permeates us with.  It’s that millisecond of eye-contact that cuts like a laser through a crowded space and tells you, “there.” When connection & passion play together, it can feel as though the universe has placed its hand on your shoulder and ushered you toward something or someone with such clear purpose that all you can do is glance up and say, “Well, okay…thanks!”

      Honoring the connections and passions in our lives is very interesting. It can be as simple as showing up to a job or a practice every day or it can be much more involved and complicated. In the instances of love and lust, it can feel dangerous or selfish. Regarding a career it can feel foolish or like the odds are stacked. But passion can transport us to a whole new version of who we are if we are conscious of it and come from a place of love, awareness and allowing.

     How do you honor your connections and your passions in your life? How have they shown up for you and shifted your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined? Do you remember that first moment when you felt that tingle of possibility? Will you feel it again today?

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