Painting of the Week: "Precipice"



Isn't it crazy how we can feel when life is shifting? 

Lately, I've been doing a lot of work to "cleanse" my energy, if you will, and become realigned with my purpose and higher self. Meditation, eating clean, better sleep, connecting with friends and exercise all play into this for me. It is pure magic how I can see my life shift right before my eyes when I return to these practices and re-center myself. 

Nearly three years ago, I painted "Precipice" with the feeling of another, similar shift in my life. I could feel that edge of change. It was inspiring and empowering. I knew where my focus was and I was tingling with the anticipation and the joy of manifesting that shift in my life. When I first shared "Precipice", I wrote:

"Life is always changing. Today I was reminded of a time not that long ago in which I felt great uncertainty coupled with amazing potential. It was as if I was looking ahead, at the edge of a great precipice, unsure of exactly what I saw, but deeply inspired by the grandeur of the view. Today, I realize that in many ways, each moment of our lives can be this way. By allowing ourselves a little inner space to step back, take a breath, and look out over the precipice of each moment, we can connect with that infinite potential that we all possess & be conscious creators of our lives."

So it seems we are always coming full-circle with our lessons in life, each time expanding them to encompass a greater depth of wisdom and connection with our amazing ability as humans. Do you have a similar shift happening in your life? I would love to hear about it below!

Here's to enjoying that journey and reveling in the joys of change and transformation. 

Have an amazing week!




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