Painting of the week: "Islands"

     I talk a lot about language in regard to my paintings and how the titles I choose are many times, as important as the visual expression of the painting itself. The work is usually threefold in meaning; first, as a representation of an abstract, connective concept that we as humans experience and strive to understand. Second, the paintings are autobiographical, using color, texture and words to encapsulate the energy felt around a memory or experience I am having. And lastly, they are often double entendres, being either spiritual or sensual in their meanings.  Always, they are explorations of what it is to be human and expand further into understanding our experiences as intellectual, spiritual and sensual beings.


The painting, "Islands"

is an entry in my diary about isolation, intimacy and escapism

     “Islands” is this Monday’s painting of the week. Its reds, golds and oranges are a rarity in my work, and it was a time of waking up in my life. I was at the start of a budding relationship, and such, beginning that luscious exploration of newness and intimacy. We were islands. Close to one another and representing escape & adventure. A fresh perspective that pulled us out of our every day.  A much needed change of pace. We were islands in our isolation; each a separate entity of uncharted territory. Dangerous and exciting. Visiting and then leaving each other behind.

     It was also a time of deeper isolation for me. I had been living in Malibu for 7 months, and what had begun as a respite from a difficult time had become very isolating for me. I was far from friends and loved ones. While the distance did allow me focus, it also showed me the importance of connectedness to my well being. Malibu may as well been an island in regard to the rest of Los Angeles. And I was certainly becoming more and more of one in regard to my friends.

     The painting “Islands” is an entry in my diary about isolation, intimacy and escapism. It is bright and happy and reminiscent of tropical culture and sunny summer days. At the same time, it is an anomaly of color in my work, similar only to “Close” which is its partner painting. It’s interesting how we can’t really experience intimacy without the contrast of isolation, isn’t it? How does this pair show up in your life? What have you learned about who you are from your feelings or isolation and your moments of intimate connection?

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