An abstract painter, Laura Viapiano creates vibrant, textured pieces through a process of layering, pulling and scraping oil paint onto the canvas using a variety of squeegees, brushes & palette knives. Color is integral to the process, and often experimental in use. Pastels hold court with daring, bold backdrops, while midnight blues and blacks make way for embers of light. Texture is also a focus, ranging from gauzy, glass-like transparencies to rugged, uneven color fields.

A lover of language as well as color, Laura strives to create work that is impactful and subjective to each viewer and demonstrates the power of perspective on shaping meaning and experience. Each painting is given a carefully decided upon title that often may be interpreted in various, opposing ways. The result is a multidimensional echo of color and texture that hints at, but never defines, an experience.

A native of Buffalo, New York, Laura lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Her paintings are collected internationally, and can be seen at various galleries & events throughout Southern California and beyond.